Leaders’ selection. Leadership and professionalism in your field, self-confidence are the most important characteristics of the leader. Long-term business success depends on the search results of high-level leader. Evaluating the trust of our customers, every case of leader search and selection we appreciate as a separate project with it’s objectives, targets and measures. 

The selection of leaders differs from the selection of other personnel. We have accumulated many years of experience in the area of purposive search, that’s why we know the leader who will lead your company to success.

Specialists’ selection. Every professional of the company builds the added value, if his skills and abilities match the requirements of the position and the type of personality concur with the microclimate of the organization.

In the process of specialist selection we use the most appropriate assessment methods in a particular case, which allows us to identify competencies, personal qualities and motivation of the candidate.

 If necessary, we use tools for assessing candidates, such as psychological tests and other psychometric instruments.

Other personnel selection. We use our database and other verified sources of the search for qualified and non-qualified personnel selection. We pay a great attention to the candidate’s motivation in order to ensure the long-term value for our customers.


We guarantee the company’s services. The warranty period depends on the employee’s position. If the selected candidate is dismissed during this period, we are undertaking to find other suitable candidates without any charge.


Customer needs clarification 

We identify with the customer the full picture of the requirements for a potential employee, the targets of the particular position, skills and competencies required for a particular position. After thorough analysis of these issues, we can better understand your needs for the employee and to offer a job tender in attractive way for the potential employee.

The candidates search

Having formulated a job offer, we choose the most relevant search techniques for the particular position in order to maximize the purposive attraction of potential candidates. We use search tools of candidates such as direct search, ads in online job portals, social networks, forums, our own databases.

The selection of candidates

Following the selection of candidates we clarify if the candidate’s competences meet the requirements, we indicate what candidate’s level of motivation is, we check recommendations of former managers and colleagues of the candidate. If necessary, we assess a candidate in the special tests help.

The candidate’s presentation to the Customer 

We provide the detailed information about the most suitable candidates. Then customer meets with desirable candidate / candidates. After signing the job contract the warranty period begins.